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1,515 Free Souls With Wings

Taking You To A Care-Free MetaVerse Built For All & Owned By All

KIKI The Traveling Cat
​旅 猫 キキ

Tsubasa(翼), "A Pair of Wings" in Japanese, is the Symbol of Freedom, also the name of KIKI's best human friend.
KIKI was a stray before she met Tsubasa, and it is difficult to be friends with a stray cat. Even tho Tsubasa was terminally ill, but he managed to bring KIKI on road trips and created many sweet memories with KIKI. For the first time, KIKI admitted to herself that she has an owner. 

After Tsubasa eventually passed away, KIKI was put in a shelter. She remembers that Tsubasa wished he could take KIKI to more places and show her all the beautiful scenery of the earth. But what is more important, KIKI recognizes the voice inside of her, the fire inside of her, the passion, the meaning of her life, freedom, and the ability to do what she loves to do. Even tho they might be temporary, they might be silly, they are still the best things of life. 
The other morning, shelter staff found the cage was broken, and KIKI was missing.
Now KIKI is free, traveling the island, meeting new friends and enemies, making good and bad memories, not only for Tsubasa, but for herself.

For the first stop, KIKI visited Asama Shrine, where Tsubasa told her she can see Mount Fuji almost the same height as her. That was when KIKI found something miraculous was happening to her...

Farewells are painful, but they set you free.





Follow my steps

To the Sakura Tree

Put your hand on me gently

Like the cherry blossom falls in wind

Close your eyes and forget your worries

Your fear of inefficiency

Self-doubt and uncertainty

Hatred, greed, sense of urgency

Break those cages 

Break those walls

Break the ceilings and free yourself

Feel the passion

Unleash the fire

Let your love break forth

And be your Wings

It is your



Words, Codes,

Lines, Colors,

Flowers, Melodies,

Sunshine and Waves,

Autumn Leaves and Snow Flakes,

Anything you love can be your wing,

Your "Tsubasa"


 Tsubasa is free from definition. It can be 1,515 avatars, an autonomous region in the metaverse, a community-owned land of freedom, the name of the very first metaverse idol, an artwork series of love and liberation, a record label, a fashion brand, virtual concerts and music festivals on our metaverse lands,  a Netflix anime series, a story-telling rhythm game, an art exhibition, and wherever Tsubasa community‘s imagination reaches.


Each Tsubasa grants you exclusive access to upcoming: Token Launch, NFT Drops, Web 3.0 Identities & Events, Fashion, Ready-To-Wears, Virtual Concerts, IRL Music Festivals, Art Exhibits, Physical Collectibles, Private Parties, Album Drops, and much more For-Tsubasa-By-Tsubasa reimagined events in the metaverse and physical world.

Claim Your Wings, Tsubasa_



Tsubasa is your identity in the metaverse we build together, where you can free yourself, your passion, your love, your enthusiasm, let them all out.

We are healing, we are non-binary, free from definitions, we are here to break barriers, remove labels, abandon stereotypes, to understand, to feel, to love.

Together we connect, we build, we support, we be our true selves and create a free world belongs to all, no matter the genders, races, religions, classes, and species.

Artwork Creation


Original NFT No.002


Original NFT No.001


Original NFT No.003

Original NFT No.004



Our donation starts from Day 0, as the very first donation has already been made through TheGivingBlock to PETA.

Not only supporting Animal Charities, shelters, and NPOs through donations,

KIKI will also reward kind-hearted animal lovers when they send proof of volunteering for Animal Rescue, Shelters, and so on.

KIKI Rescue Team (KRT) will be investigating, rescuing, and rehoming battered animals, From mistreating breeders, pet shops, catteries, kennels, and cat/dog cafes.

KIKI is donating and not limited to:

Animal Charities

Art & Culture Charities

Environmental Charities

Human Services

Education Charities

Health Charities

International NGOs


Team Tsubasa is having its NPO and Foundation set up in Japan.

First No-Kill Shelter will be built and operate in Toda-Shi, Saitama, North-West of Tokyo.

To better improve the life qualities of animals and human beings, Team Tsubasa will set up NPO and Foundation in order to operate and put the team's love into work.

Our NPO and Foundation will mainly be focusing on:

Animal Rescue & Rehome

No-Kill Shelter Buiding and Operating

Animal Welfare & Rights

Species & Habitat Conservation

By having NPO and Foundation Set Up,

Team Tsubaki will be able to help Animals, not only through donations but also through our own operations.


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